Monday, April 27, 2015

YSU Jambar Ad 4-28-15

YSU Jambar ad 4-28-15

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 Over the last 22 years student tuition and fees have gone up 272% while the Consumer Price Index has gone up 81%.  Part Time Faculty pay has gone up 0% in nominal dollars .  In nominal dollars a host of other outbound money flows have gone up substantially. Inbound money flows besides student tuition and fees have not kept up with the CPI.

Monday, April 13, 2015

YSU Jambar 4-14-15 ad

YSU Student Newspaper ad on 4-14-15

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Commentary:  There are many factors that have contributed to the huge increase in tuition and fees.
      Part Time Faculty pay is clearly not one of them.                       
             YSU part time faculty are far from the only people in the country whose pay has not kept up  with the cost of living over the last 23 years.    However  0% versus 81% is so much that even those who have long been willing to partially donate their time teaching are perplexed at the imbalance that has been allowed to develop.    Some other part time faculty, heavily dependent on their teaching income, end up running around to multiple universities trying to work full time  or more for inflation ravaged amounts.                           

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

YSU Jambar Ad 8-26-2014


commentary by Jim Zupanic
  Hundreds of YSU part time faculty members begin each day working in businesses and industries of every size.   They work in private and public institutions.  With their education and experience they help make the Mahoning Valley successful in a wide variety of fields.    At least a couple days per week when they finally squeeze the lid closed on one days work they don’t head for home.   They head for YSU , usually physically sometimes electronically.   What do they do there?
                At a student centered institution like YSU they address the prime mission of the university.They lecture, lead class discussions,  guide  student work,  set up labs and administer assessment instruments.   It isn’t over yet.   On weekends there are tests, projects and papers to evaluate.   Time is required to prepare for the next weeks classes.  Part time faculty are often engaged in continuously upgrading their own knowledge.
                Courses taught by part time faculty can range from freshman to senior level.    Part time faculty know what types of technical expertise will be expected of graduates and how they will need to develop on the job.  They are aware of the advantages of a broad based general education component.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

YSU Jambar ad 5-1-14

begin 5-1-14 Jambar Ad
end 5-1-14 Jambar Ad
         commentary by Jim Zupanic   
                      The items listed in the ad above  justify  the following conclusions.
The impact of part time faculty on an education at YSU is highly significant.   The conditions under which they teach is not a marginal matter that should be left to drift along without regular examination.   With so many difficulties confronting higher education in the last two decades the status of adjuncts everywhere has drifted downward.

                       Individual departments are not in a position to do much about some of the most important issues.    The problem affects all majors and the mission of the university.

                     Asking that a committee be created is often looked upon as a pathetic gesture intended to sidestep any problem.   The depth of the problem ,however,  requires dialogue that has never taken place.       

Monday, April 28, 2014

YSU Jambar ad 4-29-14

                                                      the above material was place in the Jambar ad
 Commentary on ad  (by Jim Zupanic)

         A significant number of part time faculty just want to be plain generous to YSU and do not feel or express any sense of exploitation or discrimination.   They feel perfectly comfortable as is.   They even make additional monetary and other donations of services to the university.  My apologies to them for suggesting otherwise.   I understand it is not a one size fits all situation.   Many people of all sorts donate their various services to the university with no compensation at all.

       However, for many the situation is a real problem and the improvement of compensation and amenities should be a top priority of the university community.   If compensation is improved some  might just use it enhance their donations to the university.   We all thank you.    Others would need to use it to pay a medical bill or rent.  Teaching a class is often a love but it is also a real pile of work.

      The academic world often seeks to enjoy a respected place as a "shining city on the hill".
A place that always questions itself as it questions others.   A place that seeks to prove itself an exception to Reinhold Neibuhrs statement that  
  "The disposition to hide self interest behind the facade of pretended devotion to values, transcending self interest, is well nigh universal." (The essential Reinhold Neibuhr, Yale Press,1986  pg 123)

Monday, February 17, 2014

YSU Jambar Ad Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

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Monday, February 10, 2014

YSU Jambar ad Tuesday Feb11,2014

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       Part time faculty members have expressed sympathy for students faced with ever increasing tuition and fees.   Some are uneasy that it is understandable that students might directly link these increases to personnel costs of their instructors.    The above chart clearly shows that this could not possibly be any part of the increase in tuition and fees.   

        The consumer price index plotted is the U.S. Dept. of Labor Urban Index for all items

        The tuition and fees line includes  full time 12 to 16 sem. hour tuition, the general fee and the information services fee which all students pay.  It also includes an average set of lab and standard college fees as they have blossomed forth throughout the years.  It does not include the parking or transportation service fees. 

        The actual  causes behind tuition and fee  increases can be left for other people to plot other lines on other graphs.